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SOUTHEAST XLerator Network Subject Matter Experts

The Southeast XLerator Network facilitates engagement through a number of online resources to support the commercialization of technologies. One resource, is our Community of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Our SMEs are a vital part of the XLerator Network because they help our innovators and entrepreneurs better understand the marketplace which will ultimately help them successfully commercialize their technologies and positively impact lives.

What we look for in a SME:

  • We are interested in individuals representing all types of organizations including hospitals, payers (including CMS), ACOs, medical device manufacturers, bigPharma, labs, long term care facilities, nursing homes, successful healthcare entrepreneurs who have raised institutional funding and/or had an exit/IPO, Venture Firms, Angel Groups, FDA, reimbursement, specialty clinicians (eg: MDs, RNs, PT/OT), life science companies (including medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics), etc.
  • As a SME, you should be able to add significant value to a startup through things like relevant industry experience, access to a large network of resources, introductions to helpful contacts, etc.
  • You should be or have been in an operational role at a successful healthcare startup or have had experience in local, regional, or national health care systems.
  • SME roles in the above organizations could include physicians (different specialties), nurses (heads of departments such as the OR), regulatory & reimbursement consultants,  pharmacists, member of the value committee, head of procurement, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Financial Officers, marketing, attorney (startups, intellectual property), etc.
  • Must have experience in supporting the healthcare entity.

What is expected of a SME:

  • Connect with entrepreneurs for a 20-30 minute conversation(s) at a point in time when the entrepreneurs need insights on the area of the market that matches your expertise.
  • Have the opportunity to decide if you will connect with an entrepreneur who may need your help. We will not give your email to the entrepreneur.
  • After your first interaction with the entrepreneur, you can decide if follow-up is appropriate.
  • We will acknowledge our SMEs by creating a “community” on the XLerator Network and will ask you to provide a high resolution photo and the url to your LinkedIn profile so that we can add you to our online SME community.
  • Our SMEs volunteer their time and we ask that you don’t engage in a financial relationship with the entrepreneur unless they bring up the subject and you agree to it. We would anticipate that if this engagement happened, it would be in the distant future after having worked with the entrepreneur and if the entrepreneur has asked to formalize the relationship to provide ongoing and consistent help.
  • If you want to be removed as a SME, email us at [email protected]

If you are interested in becoming a Southeast XLerator Network SME, please complete the form below:

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