Application Process

Applications will be vetted through a competitive application process. Final selections will be determined by a selection committee appointed by the EnRICH staff and Advisory Board.


Selection Criteria


Selected applicants will be chosen based on (1) the potential for validation of their concept, (2) the potential for impact from their stated goals, and (3) the clarity and effectiveness of the video presentation.

Key Dates:

Fall Cohort

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the United States


Faculty and students at all HBCUs are eligible to apply.

Applicants should be conducting human health focused research or have an innovative idea relating to improving human health.


Faculty and students will participate in their respective cohorts

Online: Online: Zoom meetings will be held weekly on Fridays, from 3:30-5:00 pm EST for program participants to learn how to validate the commercial potential of their innovations (customer discovery as a part of the Lean Startup methodology) and to legally protect their research and ideas (intellectual property - IP). 

Offline: Participants will develop their ideas and innovations over 9 weeks of the program and present them in a Pitch Competition in the final week for cash prizes to cover: IP Protection, mentorship, and acceptance into additional commercialization programs.

How to Apply:

Please follow the instructions below when submitting your application

  1. Answer the written questions and
  2. Create and enter a link* to a 2 minute (max) video containing:
    • an introduction of yourself
    • description of your health focused research and/or idea or invention,
    • the problem you are trying to solve and who would be interested in the product or service
    • what your goals are for participation in the program
 *  How to create a free Youtube account, record and upload a video and share a link to the video.
 ** Note:  Please be sure that your YouTube video is marked “Unlisted” so that it is viewable by only persons with the link.

Still have questions? Read our FAQ's for more details.

EnRICH Application Form

Provide a link to your 2 min (max) video in the cell above. Please note that this video is not required to be high quality. A video taken by cell phone is acceptable. Applications with videos longer that 2 minutes will not be accepted.