About XLerator Network

The XLerator Network (XLN) is led by XLerateHealth (XLH) in partnership with Academic Lead, the University of Kentucky.  XLerateHealth brings years of experience working with 200+ early-stage healthcare startups (including those in its portfolio as well as university based I-Corps faculty and students). XLH has an assembly of more than 300+ mentors and 18 healthcare/biotech and business coaches, who together embody an impressive breadth of experience across many relevant disciplines vis-à-vis the creation, launch and successful commercialization of biomedical/medtech businesses. The University of Kentucky’s Office of Technology Commercialization brings key leadership in entrepreneurship, licensing and intellectual property strategy and importantly for this network, expertise with regional commercialization partnerships. A key aspect of the  XLerator Network includes the 25 participating academic institutions as well as each university’s “Institutional Ecosystem” (healthsystems, payers, entrepreneurial education programs, accelerator, incubators, labs, co-working spaces, etc.).

(XLerateHealth Bootcamp Company 2018)

Our objective is to:

The XLerator Network’s goal is to significantly enhance commercialization knowledge through entrepreneurial education and training, mature the entrepreneurial ecosystem, identify more market-ready technologies and patents, see more startup entities formed, increase dilutive and non-dilutive funding to these entities, and accelerate the commercialization of biomedical and health tech innovations in the region – with the fundamental goal of positively impacting human health and patient’s lives.

Based on our many years of experience training biomedical entrepreneurs, we firmly believe that effective entrepreneurial principles and methods of instruction include a combination of: 1) informed high quality educational content, 2) mentorship and coaching from experienced domain experts and entrepreneurs, and 3) access to capital to fund the successful refinement of the technology/product and its commercial launch into the marketplace.

  • Mentorship.

    Southeast XLerator Network
    enables connections to a world-class group of mentors and subject matter experts from around the United States. Our mentors have deep domain expertise in healthcare and are able to help researchers, students and entrepreneurs better understand the complicated healthcare marketplace. This understanding is important early on in the research process - so that the researcher, student, entrepreneur is creating a technology that the market will want and ultimately pay for. In addition, the XLerator Network will support local institutions by providing mentorship and training regarding building out programmatic activities in their region.

  • Connectivity.

    Southeast XLerator Network
    leverages and networks the existing federal research and technology commercialization programs in the Southeast IDeA states region and beyond. The Hub will use a variety of network development tools to create an environment where innovators, startups, accelerators, and university partners can connect and collaborate with each other. The goal is that innovators can use these tools to collaborate on research opportunities, share best practices, identify regional assets that others may want to access, etc.

  • Experience.

    Southeast XLerator Network's
    leadership team has deep experience working with life-science focused entrepreneurs. For example, XLerateHealth, a leading healthcare accelerator, has worked with hundreds of healthcare related companies and has 77 companies in its existing portfolio. 88% of these portfolio companies are still operational and 44% are Life Science companies (70% Medical Devices, 20% Diagnostics, 10% Drug Development). XLerateHealth is the only healthcare accelerator in the nation that has been awarded an SBA Growth Accelerator Fund Competition grant four times.