Ideas-to-Products (I2P)



Northern Kentucky University
Institute for Health Innovation

We are excited to announce a new funding opportunity through our new I2P (“Ideas to Products”) program, aimed at supporting pilot projects to advance innovations by quickly and clearly demonstrating whether a technology or product is worthy of moving through the commercialization process.

It is important to note that the I2P program is not a traditional academic grant program; it is product focused and requires business-case project management.

We plan to fund 4-7 grants in 2020 generally ranging from $25K to $40K each for product development projects of 6 to 12-months in duration.

I2P Program Manager Dr. Adam Gifford can answer questions about this RFA and assist you with various aspects of the Pre-application preparation. We encourage informal inquiries about whether an idea or product would be suitable for this program. Email [email protected] with your questions, and please be sure to add Adam’s email to your Contacts – doing this would protect against overzealous spam filters.

Click here to see the full RFA.

The submission period for this grant is now open! Researchers from all public or private academic institutions in the Southeast IDeA States (Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and West Virginia) are eligible to apply. Please make sure you have complied with all the requirements of the RFA, and submit the following two documents by email to [email protected] :

(a) a single pdf file with the complete Pre-proposal, containing the required sections (Cover Page, Demographic Information, Product and Market Description, Technology Transfer Statement, References Cited, Other Support, Biosketches),


(b) a separate non-proprietary abstract (maximum of 250 words) as an editable MS Word document.

Application has closed, awardees will be announced soon.