Commercialization Programs

All programs will be virtual in 2023

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Overview: The Fast Forward Medical Innovation (FFMI) fastPACE course is a 5-week deep-dive into the basics of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship. The course is designed to build a business case for early stage technologies using interactive tools and the art of customer discovery.   XLerateHealth (XLH) Pre-Accelerator is an 8-week program developed to help entrepreneurs, clinicians, faculty, and researchers obtain an understanding of the process for evaluating the commercial potential of their idea, product, or service, learn the basics of validating their business model, and the basics about starting a business. Participants work closely with experienced coaches. XLerateHealth (XLH) Accelerator is a healthcare accelerator that works with researchers and entrepreneurs over 12-weeks, helping them work through all steps of the commercialization process (e.g. business/revenue model, pricing, market size, regulatory/FDA, reimbursement and funding strategies). XLH has an extensive national network of over 300+ mentors and coaches with deep domain knowledge in the healthcare, life science, funding, and/or startup space. Unlike most accelerators, XLH continues to work with its portfolio companies for as long as they continue to need/want help. EnRICH is a 10-week healthcare-focused innovation harvesting and commercialization “pre-accelerator” program for faculty and students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The goals of the program are one part education centered around technology transfer, entrepreneurial/lean startup mindset and growing a sustainable business, and one part idea acceleration where participants will compete to develop and pitch their healthcare innovation for IP protection, prize money and advancement toward additional commercialization programs.
Goal: Help participants prepare a successful business case for funding and development partnerships. Help participants validate the commercial potential of their idea. Help founders prepare to attract funding and customers, and successfully commercialize their technologies. Educate participants on intellectual property and commercialization pathways and help them protect and validate the commercial potential of their idea.
Program Stage: Innovators in the early stage of thinking about commercializing their technology. Entrepreneur with an idea or an existing business, researchers with an early stage project, or intrapreneurs with an idea for a new product or service. Early stage companies (will work with researchers to establish an entity prior to the program starting if they haven’t already done so). Innovators in the early stage of thinking about commercializing their technology.
Target Audience: Clinicians and life science researchers as well as postdocs or graduate students working with faculty mentors. Any coachable researcher, clinician or entrepreneur that wants to learn how to validate the commercial potential of their idea or technology. Healthcare/biotech researchers/entrepreneurs (includes those working on medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, digital health, and healthcare services). Faculty and students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with a health related innovation or biomedical technology in need of disclosure, protection and/or acceleration towards commercialization.
Program Outline: Week 1: Kickoff, problem/solution, business model canvas, clinical workflow, customer discovery
Week 2: Intellectual property and competition
Week 3: Regulatory and clinical trials
Week 4: Reimbursement/revenue and healthcare economics
Week 5: Pitches to fastPACE participants and coaches, discussion regarding what’s next?
Week 1: Intro to Lean Canvas & Customer Discovery
Week 2: Elevator Pitch, From Problem to Solution, Value Proposition, Critical Stakeholders
Week 3: Marketing Tips & Tricks for Startups, Customer Archetype
Week 4: Pitch & Story Telling. Unit Costs & Market Size (TAM, SAM, SOM)
Week 5: Building a Pitch Deck, Revenue Model & Channel Partners
Week 6: IP, Legal, Regulatory.  Revisit Lean Canvas
Week 7: Funding (Non-Dilutive & Private Capital), Competitive Analysis
Week 8: Finance & Accounting for Startups, Pitching to Investors & Customers
Week 1: Participant presentations
Week 2: Lean canvas & customer discovery
Week 3: Market (TAM, SAM, SOM)
Week 4: Value proposition canvas
Week 5: Revenue model and unit costs
Week 6: Get-Keep-Grow, CAC/LTV
Week 7: Go to market strategy
Week 8: Regulatory/reimbursement
Week 9: Funding strategy
Week 10: 5-year proforma
Week 11: Investor/SBIR pitch
Week 12: Investor update, Tear Sheet
Week 1: Introductions; Invention Disclosures and Intellectual Property
Week 2 : Understanding How TTOs Work/ Evaluations (Patent Landscape Search/ Market Assessment)
Week 3 : Introduction to Lean LaunchPad Methodology
Week 4 :Customer Discovery Best Practices
Week 5 : Pains/Gains and MVP
Week 6 : Lessons Learned Presentations/Business Model Canvas Overview
Week 7 : Leveraging TTOs (and other Support Services)
Week 8: Intro to Startup Formation/ Funding Types
Week 9 : Perfect your Pitch
Week 10 : Pitch Competition
Price $895 2% equity
Number Accepted 5-7 8 6-8 no limit
Start Date: TBD Rolling Applications Applications Closed for 2023 Targeted for Fall 2023
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