Kathy Weaver, RN

Program Director
Special Projects


Kathy Weaver has over 30 years of experience in the health care industry. She has served in many different capacities throughout that time. She started her career as hospital nurse working for Johns Hopkins Hospital in their oncology center, performing patient care for adults with leukemia. She spent a decade working in the public sector for the State of Delaware leading a team of nurses and social workers completing eligibility for patients needing Long Term Care services, and building technology systems to support this work. In the early 2000’s she moved into the corporate space to work for Humana Inc. With Humana, Kathy continued to design technology systems for both clinical programs and provider connectivity. She was engaged in building innovation at Humana through joint ventures with the University of Miami, Pfizer and others. She was part of the core team that was the Humana start up that became Humana Europe, building clinical systems to support the work with the health economy in the United Kingdom. As the landscape changed in the health care industry with the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Kathy dove into work with EMR and Population Health companies in order to build a connected health care ecosystem for all participants. She left Humana in 2015, but continued her work with population health program and system development as an executive at both WellCare and Centene Corp. Currently, she continues to pursue entrepreneurial activities that help build a stronger more connected health care system as an independent contractor.