Lawrence E. Cornett, PHD

INBRE Director
Vice Chancellor for Research
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Dr. Lawrence Cornett’s research interests are focused primarily on the homeostatic roles of the neurohypophysial hormone vasotocin in the domestic chicken and secondarily on the regulation of adrenergic receptor gene expression in mammals. Regarding the actions of vasotocin, immunohistochemical techniques, radioimmunoassays and in situ hybridization histochemistry are used to investigate regulation of vasotocin gene expression in the chicken hypothalamus under conditions of osmotic stress and during oviposition.  My laboratory has cloned and pharmacologically characterized receptors that bind vasotocin and transduce its physiological effects in the shell gland and the anterior pituitary gland.  Regarding adrenergic receptors, my laboratory has studied the mechanisms of glucocorticoid regulation of beta2-adrenergic receptor gene expression in liver and airway smooth muscle cells.

In addition, Dr. Cornett is the Director of the Arkansas INBRE (  The goal of the Arkansas INBRE is to expand and strengthen the infrastructure for biomedical research of academic institutions in the state by developing a multidisciplinary research network united by the scientific theme of Cellular Signaling, Growth, and Differentiation.