Manu Nair, LL.M, MBA, LL.B

Vice Chair,
High Value Opportunities Corporate Development,
Mayo Clinic

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Mr. Manu Nair is the Vice President of Technology Ventures for the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (“OMRF”) in Oklahoma City. He is in-charge of developing/commercializing OMRF’s technologies, establishing strategic industry collaborations and managing the innovation fund that is dedicated to such development efforts. In addition, Mr. Nair serves as a business consultant/advisor for several US and international entities, including prominent research institutes and technology companies.

Mr. Nair started his technology commercialization career at OMRF in 2004 and was involved in OMRF’s intellectual property (IP) commercialization and start-up company efforts. He later joined Mayo Clinic Ventures (“MCV”), which is the technology commercialization and investment arm of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he initially served as a Technology Licensing Manager and subsequently as Senior Licensing Manager. At MCV, he managed a diverse portfolio of technologies and was in-charge of related IP protection, development and commercialization, including company formation and technology based investments. He also led MCV’s international collaboration and funding initiatives, was responsible for strategic business development, and focused on special initiatives that were of priority to Mayo.

Mr. Nair is a member of the Oklahoma Science and Technology R&D Board (“OSTRaD”). He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Legal Assistance of Olmsted County, Rochester, Minnesota, and currently serves on the Board of the Midwest University Research Network (“MRUN”). He is also a Member of the External Advisory Committee for the NIH-funded “SE XLerator Network Hub&quot.

Mr. Nair received his MBA from Lamar University in Texas and an advanced
degree in law from the Univ. of New Hampshire School of Law focusing on
Intellectual Property, Commerce & Technology laws.