William Rosellini, JD

CEO, Nexeon MedSystems

Nexeon MedSystems

Will Rosellini is the CEO of Perimeter Medical, Inc. a medical imaging company that is going public in 2019.  He has previously founded Nexeon Medsystems, Inc., a medical device manufacturing company that went public in 2017. He previously founded and led Lexington Technology Group, LLC, a database company commercializing a electronic health record database solution to an exit (“DSS” NYSE). He also founded Sarif Biomedical LLC, a stereotactic cancer microsurgery company with IP spun-out of Medtronic and led the company to an exit with Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (“MARA” NSDQ).  He subsequently served on the Marathon board of directors and chaired the Audit committee.  Rosellini completed 2 acquisitions to form Telemend Medical, Inc. a clinical engineering services company and led that company to an exit in 2016.  Rosellini also founded Microtransponder, an implantable neurostimulation developer with solutions for stroke rehabiliation in 2006, in 2012.   He is a former pitcher with the Arizona Diamondbacks holds a JD, MBA, MS of Accounting, MS of Computational Biology, MS of Neuroscience and MS of Regulatory Science.