Meet Our Experts

Chris Posey, JD

General Counsel
Brighter Healthcare Solutions

Nicole Teasdale

Founder & Principal
Advocacy Blueprints

Whitney Nash, PhD, APRN, NP

AVP & Assoc Dean of Practice
University of Louisville

Jason Smith, MD, PhD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer
UofL Health

Steve Abell, BA

Vice President, Strategic Innovations and Investments
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Paul Asper, MBA

Vice President of Commercialization
Zucker Institute for Applied Neurosciences

Windsor Sherrill, PHD, MBA, MHA

AVP Health Research, Professor
Clemson University

Jim Nelson, MHA, MS

West Virginia University Hospitals, Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute

Becky Foster, MPH

Foster Health Care Consulting

Karen Handmaker, MPP

4sight Health