Meet Our Experts

Joe Wyse, PHD

Wyse Innovations LLC

Hershel Fancher, PE, MBA

Inventio, Inc.

Amy Hester, PhD, RN, BC

Chairwoman and CEO
HD Nursing, LLC

Steve Abell, BA

Vice President, Strategic Innovations and Investments
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Charles Christ, PHD

C2 Consulting

Nancy Gray, PHD

BioVentures, LLC

Cody Reynolds, PHD

Technology Transfer Manager
Prisma Health

Jerry Chang

Managing Partner, President, Managing Partner/COO
Vigilant BioServices, 42Bio LLC, Samaritan Biologics

Lawrence Boyd, PHD, MEM


Jesse Goodwin, PHD

Chief Innovation Officer
Medical University of South Carolina

Austen Hayes, MS

Co-founder, CEO
Recovr, Inc.

Paul Asper, MBA

Vice President of Commercialization
Zucker Institute for Applied Neurosciences