Bruce Schulte, PHD

Associate VP for Strategy, Performance & Accountability,
Executive Director WKU Research Foundation
Site Lead

Western Kentucky University

Dr. Bruce A. Schulte is the Associate Vice President for Strategy, Performance and Accountability, the Executive Director of the WKU Research Foundation, and University Distinguished Professor at Western Kentucky University. He is the former Department Head of Biology at WKU. His degrees in biology are from the College of William and Mary (B.S.), the University of Southern California (M.S.), SUNY-College of Science and Engineering (Ph.D.).

Dr. Schulte is a behavioral biologist and conservation behaviorist who studies communication. social behavior, and human-wildlife interactions in animals that are ecosystem engineers or keystone species, such as elephants, manatees, and beavers. He has a life long relationship with horses and enjoys studying their biology as well. Dr. Schulte has worked at several other academic institutions, and he has traveled globally.  Dr. Schulte is involved with the Center for Research and Development, Intellectual Property, and Technology Transfer at WKU, and currently, he is initiating the development of an Innovation Campus at WKU.